Cleaning Disinfection Alcohol, IPA, HOCl

Cleaning Disinfection Alcohol, IPA, HOCl
  • Disifection
  • Cleaning
  • Fast-Dry
  • High Quality
Cleaning and Disinfection High Pure 
75% v/v Ethanol, Ethyl Alcohol

70% v/v Isopropyl Alcohol, IPA

for cleaning floor, hand, table, toilet seat, desktop.

Tast dry

To remove finger print on glass



Antimicrobial for bacteria, fungi, and viruses

Item No.:

Al-75: 75% v/v Ethanol

IPA-70: 70% w/v Isopropyl Alcohol


Alcohol-Free Water-Based Disinifectant Cleanser

DS-700: 50 ppm Hypochrolous Acid, HOCl

Effective Oxidant

Pure and Clean