Herbal Supplements

Herbal Supplements
  • Herbal Ingredients
  • Mineral Supplement for Daily Eye Wash and Clean
  • Milk Thistle for Liver Supplements
  • Vitamin B-Complex Daily High Potency
  • All Vegetarian

Herbal Supplements Herbal

All Vegetarian Ingredients High Quality

1. B-Complex High Potency

B Complex OsicbioOsicbio B-Complex High Potency

Contains: Vitamin B1 50 mg, B2 50 mg, B6 50 mg, B12 0.5 mg, C  50 mg, Nicotinamide 50 mg, Folic Acid 0.5 mg, Panthenol 50 mg, Inositol 25 mg.

Take one table daily.

2. Milk Thistle Herbal Supplement

Hundreds of Years Liver Herbal Remedy.

Milk Thistle Tablet Osicbio

Milk Thistle Osicbio

Contains: Milk Thistle 125 mg, Bupleuri Radix, Pueraria, Licorice, Coptis chinensis Franch, Phelloendron amurense Rupr., Scutellaria baicalnsis Geprgi.

Take 1 tables, 3 times daily.

3. Mineral Eye Wash Care

Eye Wash Drops: Purified Water, Sea Salts, Minerals.

Mineral Eye Drops Wash and Clean

For Everyday Eye Clean and Wash.

1-3 dorps every morning and evening.

Mineral Supplements for Clear Eye.

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