Pet Wash Powder Hot Spa

Pet Wash Powder Hot Spa
  • 100% Herbal Ingredients
  • Care Pets with Love
  • Reduce Odor. Smell. Itchy Skin.
  • Keep Hygiene
  • Relieve Pains, Inflammations, Irritations.
  • Feel Like Natural Hot Spring Spa
  • Feel so Relaxing

Product: Herbal Pet Wash Mild for Cat & Dog


100% Herbal Ingredients

Feel Like Natural Hot Spring Spa

Reduce Odor

Reduce Smell

Relieve itchy skin

Keep hygiene

Feel so Relaxing

Feel so Herbal Clean

Care Pets with Love

To Use: 

Mix 20 grams of the powder with 20-100 L of warm water (30-40 C). 

Clean, Rinse, or Bath with the herbal water.

Enjoy the Refresh Smell. Care Pets with Love

Ingredients: Coptis chinensis Franch. Cork-tree. Bornel. Sulfur. Camphor.

Item: Pet-704-Wash Powder


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