Organic Regeneration French Salon Peel-Off Mask

Organic Regeneration French Salon Peel-Off Mask
  • Amazing Hydration: Micro-Algae.
  • Youthful Skin: Herbal Organic Antioxidant.
  • Relax Skin Stress: Free Radicals Protector.
  • Regeneration: Smoothing Wrinkles.
  • Nutritious Organic Extracts: Readily to be Absorbed.
  • High Quality Ingredients from France.
  • Organic Goji Berries -Antioxidant Organic Peel-Off Mask
  • COSMOS ORGANIC 30.85% in 100% Natural Origin.
  • From Organic Farming. Made from Organic Ingredients.
  • Verified by Bureau Veritas
  • Revitalizing
  • Radiance

Feel the amazing micro-algae and antioxidant organic nutritious ingredients of goji berries, minimizing the free radicals, excellent for stress relaxing, anti-pollution, UV-protection, and wrinkles smoothing, giving herbal brightening, elastic, translucent, luminous, moisturizing, rejuvenating, silky youthful skin touch. Super hydration immediately. Also for neck area.


Hydration 60% Immediate Increase Amazingly. 

COSMOS ORGANIC: Goji Berries & Curcuma Longa Rhizome Extract- 31% organic in 100% of natural origin.

Feel the Youthful Skin: Herbal Organic. 

Antioxidant: Gogi Berries.

Relax Skin Stress.

Protective from Free Radicals.

Regeneration: Algin, Curcuma Longa Rhizome Extract.

Smoothing Wrinkles.



Nutritious Organic Extracts: Ready to be Absorbed.

Goji Berries, Algin, Aloe and Organic Rose: Feel the Natural Herbal Essence.

High Quality Ingredients from France.

To Use: Mix the Organic Powder with Serum to form past. Apply on facial and neck area for about 20 minutes, and then remove or clean with a damp sponge.

French Salon

DETOX for all skin types

Suitable for Sensitive, Oily, and Dry Skin Types.

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