Organic Rose Hair & Skin Moisture Spray

Organic Rose Hair & Skin Moisture Spray
  • Concentrated Formula: Only Small amount is needed.
  • Delightful Scents of Natural Roses: Feel and Enjoy Whenever You Like to.
  • Easily Absorbed Intense Moisture Ingredients: Mild for Both Hair, Skin, Facial Skin.
  • Aroma Therapy Essential Oil: Palmarosa, Lavendin, Rosemary, High Quality Choice.

Organic Rose Essence Spray Calm Toner Comfort Moisture for Hair and Skin

Feel the Luxurious Natural Organic Rose Toner Spray.

Perfect for Hair and Skin Care Anytime You Feel Like to Supply Mild Moisture and Herbal Nutritional.

Easily Absorbed Ingredients of Herbal Extract, Rosemary, Palmarosa, Lavendin, and EU Organic Certified Rosa Damascena Flower Aqua.

Super Intense Moisture, Concentrated, Only Small Amount is Needed.

Enjoy the Delightful Rose Scents, Carry with You Anytime. 

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