Ecocert Perfume-Free Herbal Extract Foam Wash

Ecocert Perfume-Free Herbal Extract Foam Wash
  • Plant Extract Super Mild Foam Cleansers for Multi-Purpose Cleansing, Skin, Body, Hand, and Facial Wash.
  • Soft Coconut Foam Wash: Herbal Extract High Quality Cleanser.
  • Super Concentrated Formula: only small amount is needed.
  • Herbal Natural Essential Oil: Rosemary, Lavendin, Eucalyptus, Peppermint.
  • Also for Underwear, Dish-Wash, Multi-Purpose.
  • Mild for Body, Hand, and Face Wash.
  • Perfume-Free.
  • made in Taiwan

High Concentration Coconut Extract Cleanser Refresh Herbal Aroma Rosemary Lavendin Eucalyptus Foam Cleanser Mild Comforting Perfume-Free

To Use: Apply appropriate amount for cleaning, message and rinse thoroughly with water.

1 L refile pack available. Please transfer into foam bottle to produce foam smoothly.

Mild for facial skin, body wash, and hand wash, also multi-purpose dish wash, underwear wash. Enjoy the Fresh Lavendin Eucalyptus and Rosemary Scents. Perfume-Free. Aroma Plant Extract Cleansers.

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