Nano Coating Silicon Hydrophobic Automotive

Nano Coating Silicon Hydrophobic Automotive
  • Glossy Nano Coating
  • Hydrophobic Effect
  • Dust-Proof

Au-23. 23A

Nano Coating Silicon Hydrophobic Automotive


Nano Silicon Coating Hydrophobic Automitive

Au-23 Organic Type

Au-23A Inorganic Type

YouTube: Automobile Nano Coating Procedure

for Automotive Paint Protective Coating

Key Feature: Dust-Proof Glossy Effect

To Use: After surface clean and dry (recommend to use Au-7), add 2-3 drops on the sponge, apply on the paint area about 1 square foot each time, after 1-2 minutes for the coating formation, the time will be less or more depending on the environment conditions, and then very gently wipe to shine with soft cloth. 

Wait for about 24 hrs for the complete formation of nano structure, depending on environment conditions, less time needed if slightly heated or exposure to UV light. 

Can be used as the first layer coating, and then apply a second higher cost layer such as Au-10A, or Au-8A, Au-9A.

For a regular size car, 20 ml is needed.

Aftercare recommend to use Nano Water Coating Automobile Care Series, Au-11A, Au-25, Au-27.

 Au-23A Nano Coating Hydrophobic