Wheel Rim Coating Shine Nano Advanced Vehicle

Wheel Rim Coating Shine Nano Advanced Vehicle
  • Water-Repellent
  • Long-Lasting Nano Coating
  • Glossy
  • Keep Clean Shine Surface


Wheel Rim Coating Shine Nano Advanced Vehicle


Au-20 Wheel Rim Nano Coating Advanced Shine Super Water Repellent Automobile Surface Professional

YouTube: Automobile Nano Coating Procedure

for Automotive Wheel Rim Protective Coating

Key Feature: Long-Lasting, Super Shine, Water Repellent, Easy to Keep Clean Surface.

To Use: After surface clean and dry (use Au-32, or Au-7), add 2-3 drops on the sponge, evenly apply on the wheel rim for a small area (< 1 ft2) each time, wait for 0.5-2 minutes allowing coating layer formation, depending on local environmental conditions, and then very gently wipe to shine with soft cloth. Repeat the steps on the whole wheel rim.

Apply a second layer if needed. Wait for 24 hrs for the complete formation of the nano-structure, depending on local environmental conditions, accelerated by heating or exposing to sun light.

Dosage: about 15 ml for eight wheel rims, regular size.

Aftercare recommend to use Nano Water Coating Automobile Care Series, Au-11A, Au-25, Au-27.

Au-20 Wheel Rim Coating Nano Automobile Advanced