Palm Wax Nano Advanced

Palm Wax Nano Advanced
  • for Vehicle Topcoat Coating, High-End Nano Coating Automotive Aftercare.
  • Key Feature: Super Glossy, Long-Lasting. Spray Easy to Apply.
  • To Use: After surface clean, wet or dry, directly spray on or apply with sponge, gently wipe to shine with soft cloth.


Palm Wax Nano Advanced


Au-28 Advanced Wax Nano Palm Oil Vegetable Origin

Au-28 Wax Water-Repellent Effect Nano

for Vehicle Topcoat Coating, High-End Nano Coating Automotive Aftercare.

Key Feature:

Super Glossy, Long-Lasting. Ready to Apply.

To Use: After surface clean and dry, directly apply and gently wipe to shine with soft cloth. 

Glossy Effect Last up to 3 months.

Recommend: After use, apply Au-11A or Au-25 every two weeks, to provide even longer shine glossy layer.Au-28 Advanced Wax Black PackAdvanced Nano Wax Au-28 Blue Shine Au-28 Advanced Wax


TEM Image of Well-Dispersed Nano Particles.



Anti-Scratch Self-Repairing Coating Additive



Gloss Shine Anti-Scratch Self-Repair Nano Coating Additive for Automobile Topcoat Professional

for Adding Anti-Scratch Bright Gloss Effect in the Topcoat Paint

Key Feature: Self-Repair. Anti-Scratch. Easy to Keep Glossy Shine Surface.

Super Gloss Shine Anti-Scratch Effect with the High-Tech Nano Structures.

The flexible cross-linked nano matrix highly reduces the scratch formation and providing long-lasting glossy topcoats.

To Use: Add 1.0-1.5%, less or more, into 2K PU topcoat, lacquers, or various topcoat paints, then apply the topcoat paints as usual. 


Rapid Dry Surface Cleanser 



Surface Cleanser Spray for Ready to Apply Nano Silica Automobile Coating

for Surface Clean Fast Dry Preparing to Apply Automotive Nano Coating

Key Feature: Fast Clean Dry Effect

To Use: Spray on the areas to clean dry before applying Super Nano Coating, wipe to clean with soft tissues or cloths.





Deodorant for Automobile Interior, Efficient for Cigarettes and Plastic Smell.

Automobile Deodorant Disinfectant Sanitizer Spray Perfume-Free

Ingredients: Purified Aqua. Hypochlorous Acid. Organic Rose Water. Perfume-Free.

Benefits of Hypochlorous Acid:

· Lethal to bacteria and viruses.

· Nontoxic to cells

· To Use as Deodorant, Disinfectant, Sanitizer

To Use: Spray in the Air or Areas need to be Cleaned, such as Seats, Handles, etc.


Powerful Black Stain Removal for Steel and Aluminum 


Au-32, Au-33 Black Stain Removal Wheel Rim Steel & Aluminum

Au-32 for Steel 

Au-33 for Aluminum


Key Feature:

Strong Removal

Easy to Operate

To Use:

Spray on the black spot, allow to sip for a minute or longer, and then use a sponge, rag or brush to remove the black stain.



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