Pearl Essence New

Pearl Essence New
  • Carrier: Plasticizer
  • Excellent for Polyester Buttons
  • Excellent for automobile paints, plasticizer, acrylic resin.
  • High Luster Artificial Luxurious Pearl Effect Essence.
  • Lead-Free, DBP-Free, DIBP-Free.
  • Polyester resin, acrylics, topcoat, paint, art applications.
  • Liquid Paste Type Ready to Apply.
  • High Mixing Dispersion Performance.
  • Giving Excellent Luxurious Pearl Luster.


Pearl Essence New


High Luster Pearl Essence: White, Blue, Red, Green, Gold

Excellent for Effect Paints, Polyester Buttons. Plasticizer Compatiable Resins. Acrylic Resin. Artificial Pearls. Art Supplies

Carrier: Solvent. Plascitizer. Lead-Free, DIBP-Free, DBP-Free. OKEO-TEX and REACH Requirement Fit.

Youtube: Pearl Essence OSIC


•    For Automobile Paints, or Art Application: it can be added to self-dry coating materials to give luster pearl effect on the surface layer. To create artificial pearls or pearl work pieces.
•    For Acrylic Resins: Add 0.5-10% by weight of resins, less or more depending on users. 
•    For Polyester Resins: Added 0.8-1.2% by weight of resins, less or more depending on users.
•    For PU Leathers: Add the pearl luster in the finishing coatings or the final coatings before the finishing layer.

Self-Dry Type: under normal condition, contacting with the atmosphere, dry in a few hours depending on the thickness of the coating layer.

Non-Self-Dry Type: Add 0.5-3%, less or more into self-dry resins or coating vehicles, polyester resins, acrylic resins, paints, or acrylic emulsion that can form self-dry or heated-dry coating layers.

Lead-Free Type: Advanced nanocoating materials: Mica, Synthesized Mica, Silica Coated with Metal Particles, Titanium Oxides, Bismuth.

Lead-Containing Type: Synthesized Lead-Carbonate.


Deposition is normal after long storage. Gently remix or stir-up before use. Storage: Keep in a cool dry place with container tightly sealed. Avoid direct sunlight, extreme heat, hot, humid environment. Note: Do NOT eat or drink. Keep out of the reach of children.