Luster Pearl Essence Lead Carbonate

Luster Pearl Essence Lead Carbonate
  • Effect High Luster Pearl Essence Lead Carbonate.
  • Lustrous Green, Red, Blue, Silvery, White, Satin, Yellow, Rose, Violet Blue, and Lime Green Pearl Colors.
  • Professional for Artificial Pearls, Polyester Buttons, Acrylics, Art Work Materials.
  • Excellent Choice for Polyester Buttons, Unsaturated Resins, Acrylic resins, PU Resins, and Multi-Media Vehicle.
  • Liquid Type Ready to Apply.
  • Advanced Technology
  • Well Dispersion, Well Mixing, High Performance.
  • High Luxurious Multi-Color Pearl Luster.
  • Industrial Use Only.

Q-Lead Series

Luster Pearl Essence Lead Carbonate


Recommended use of the chemical and restrictions on use: Pearl Pigment. Industrial Use.


  • Excellent luster, suspension, and mixing performances compatible with most resins, polyester, acrylic, plasticizer, solvent, organic vehicles, and paints. 
  • Enhance the control of luster, viscosity control, and display of pigments.
  • UV-resistant.
  • Traditional Lead Carbonate Luster Pearl Crystals.


  • Industrial pigment.
  • Liquid type, easy to apply to plastic, acrylic, polyester system for pearl effects. 
  • Offer efficient control of the viscosity, mixing, and settling of vehicle. 
  • Enhance the overall pearl effects.
  • Pearl Essence Lead Carbonate Multi-Color High Luster for Polyester Buttons, Acrylics, Resins, Pigments, Paints, and Multi-media.

  • Liquid Paste Type Ready to Apply.

  • High Performance Excellent Mixing Dispersion Ability.

  • Giving High Luxurious Pearl Luster, Silvery, White, Satin, Red, Rose, Yellow, Blue, Violet, Green, and Lime Green.

For Polyester Buttons

Crystal Size (mm)

Pearl Color

Item No.


White 14

Q-Lead White 14



Q-Lead Yellow



Q-Lead Red



Q-Lead Rose


Violet Blue

Q-Lead Violet Blue



Q-Lead Blue



Q-Lead Green


Lime Green

Q-Lead Lime Green

*Particle size in micrometer

For Dipping and Coating: all the above Items can be switched with carrier choices.


Item No.


Q-Lead …-N

Acetate Cellulose

Q-Lead … -C


Q-Lead … -A


  • Application Dosage:

  • 0.6-3% or more depending on individual users, by weight of the total vehicle.
  • Polyesters, Paints, Coatings, and Resins, Plastics.
  • For PU leather: apply at the step before the last finishing coating.
  • For Art Application: it can be added to self-dry coating materials to give luster pearl effect on the surface layer. To create artificial pearls or pearl work pieces.
  • For Acrylic Resins: Add 0.5-10% by weight of resins, less or more depending on users.
  • For Polyester Resins: Added 0.8-1.2% by weight of resins, less or more depending on users.
  • For PU Leathers: Add the pearl luster in the finishing coatings or the final coatings before the finishing layer. 


  • Caution: Containing Lead!
  • Storage: Keep in a cool dry place with container tightly sealed. Avoid extreme heat, hot, humid environment.
  • Note: Do no contact with skins. Do not swallow. Keep out of the reach of children. Note: The information contained herein are based on the present state of our knowledge to be reliable, but shouldnot be represented as a warranty of any quality specifications or product properties, and we assume no liability for any loss or injury which may result from the use of this information. The information may not be valid for the combination use of this material with any other material in any process. Users should determine the suitability of the information based on their own investigations.