About OSIC

About Osic

Advanced Technology Professional

OSIC has provided excellent pearl pigments, pigments and paints, automobile nano crystal coatings, graphene oxide and graphite, lead carbonates, water-based nano color pigments, art supplies, and related chemicals of such as UV-resistance agents, gloss agents, thickening agent, scratch-resistant agent, etc., exporting worldwide since 1987.
The center of plant extract provides hundreds of aroma therapy beauty care products, including hair care, nail care, skin care, foam cleansers, jojoba message oils, using the very high quality herbal ingredients, being one of the finest aroma therapy beauty care providers.

The production process has been advanced to be more environmental friendly, using technologies with specifications comply with the latest EU regulations.

We provide the very high-quality products, and work with the advanced technological laboratories to ensure the finest quality. The products can be customized to user oriented functions.

If you are interested in our service, please feel free to email us your detailed requirements, we would be most willing to quote for you.

Thanks for your kind attention and patience.
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Dr. Yang Chemical®
EUVIT® 一條根

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Optimum Solutions for Individual Customers

Small quantity 1-100 pcs can be arranged.

OEM/ODM also welcome.

Surface Coatings

Automobile Nano

Cooperate & Career


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Acrylic Art Supplies

Pearl Essence Emulsion. Nano Color.

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Automobile Nano Coating

Surface Nanotechnology

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Bubble Tea Equipment

Drink Sealing

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Beauty Herbal

Aromatherapy Care

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Cleaning Detergent

Herbal Mild

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Chemicals. Auxiliary Agents

Lubricants. Plasticizer. Solvent. Castor Oil. Graphene Oxide. Graphite

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Pearl Essence. Powders

Luster Pearl Pigment. Powder Advanced

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Pigments. Paints

Advanced Color Pastes and Pigments

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